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Knowledge Management Overview

Knowledge Management refers to the multi-disciplined approach of effectively generating, preserving and utilising organisational knowledge for the achievement of organisational objectives. Knowledge Management sets the strategic foresight for Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal.

Knowledge Management is an integrated approach to identify, capture, evaluate, retrieve and share all an enterprise’s information assets, inclusive of databases, documents, policies, procedures and the previously un-captured expertise and experience of individual workers.

In recent years the organisational context has changed, now identifying the knowledge worker as a crucial employee within an organisation. A knowledge worker is regarded as an individual who uses his/her acquired knowledge to develop innovative ideas, as well as adding knowledge to the organisation in order to increase its survival chances. The economy in which we live today is, largely, driven by technology and knowledge. The advent of this new era has, therefore, been labelled the knowledge economy, where the focus is pointed at knowledge, technology and learning, as the critical resources for sustained organisational productivity and excellence.

At Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal, Knowledge Management includes the processes necessary to generate, capture, codify and transfer knowledge across the organisation in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Knowledge Management focuses on the exploitation and development of knowledge assets through the capture and dissemination of knowledge throughout the organisation. It has been identified that knowledge is not beneficial to the organisation if it remains with individuals or small groups.

As 'your knowledge partner in business,' Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal has elevated Knowledge Management to become a core business strategy, with the business unit providing support services with regard to:

• Sister departments;
• Research;
• Data;
• Database management;
• Information technology systems; and
• Organisational learning.

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