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Community, Social and Personal Services

Social development and improved economic performance depend on gains in public sector delivery, restructuring of state enterprises and more vigorous capital formation.

Apart from shaking effects of the 2008/09 Global Economic slowdown, South Africa has achieved a level of macro-economic stability not seen in the country for many years. Such advances create opportunities for real increases in expenditure on social services, and reduce the costs and risks for all investors, laying the foundation for increased investment and growth.

Other sub-sectors that have a potential for development include the education and training services, which has to be strategic in nature. South Africa has to focus and provide resources for training people in those areas of need, side by side with general education. The country requires skilled people - engineers, accountants, actuaries, scientists, teachers, medical staff, as well as farmers, who are all essential for growth.

There is also an extensive range of personal services provided both by formal and informal suppliers. These vary from various repair and maintenance activities to personal advice and counseling.